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Digital Marmalade has completed the video for Hornbill Systems' annual exhibition at the Helpdesk & IT Support Show at Earl's Court.  The looping video, played through diffusion screens around the exhibition stand, highlights the company's strengths and portfolio of products.  Hornbill Systems deliver market-leading Service Management solutions that enable organisations to automate business processes and provide first-class customer service.

The exhibition video consists predominantly of talking head interviews with the IT managers of major corporations, which Hornbill filmed themselves and then supplied to us on Mini DV.  The interviewees talk about the vital role that the Hornbill software suite performs within their departments and across their companies. These testimonials were captured and edited in preparation for use with After Effects later on.

Hornbill supplied us with a voiceover narrative for the different sections of the video, which was then recorded and mixed at the Digital Marmalade studios.  We also selected an ambient drum and bass soundtrack containing several peaks and breaks that would help to punctuate the animation and signal transitions.

One key factor that we had to consider when designing the video, was that it would be projected onto translucent rear screens and therefore all of the visuals would need to be vivid and bold enough to maintain clarity throughout.  Hornbill's signature square branding - used to denote the industry sectors that they service - featured heavily during the ‘Concept’ and ‘Company’ sections.  A looping graphic bed was designed in similar colours to sit as the background under which all of the main footage and action takes place.

The finished video was rendered, encoded and compressed for delivery on a DVD.

The presentation can be adapted and refined for subsequent exhibitions; we are looking at developing a new version which will focus on Supportworks ESP, the major developments to the software, as well as the new identity and direction of the company.

Digital Marmalade attended the Helpdesk & IT Support Show and saw Hornbill taking pride of place at the venue’s entrance - they were a undoubtedly a formidable presence among the rest of the exhibitors.  We are justifiably proud of the overall package that we have produced for Hornbill.  It was the culmination of many weeks of hard work on their overall brand, diagrams and photos, product brochures and stand signage as well as this video presentation.

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