International Paper EU Issue Tracker CD-ROM Delivered

We are pleased to say that the CD-ROM and two booklets that we have created for International Paper, the largest pulp and paper company in the world, have now been deployed across its offices in Europe.

Following EU regulations and policy is a very complicated process, and if it’s not done properly then huge fines are enforced. To avoid this, International Paper commissioned a company that specialises in filtering EU regulations to highlight which issues are relevant to International Paper. From this, a piece of software called an ‘EU Issue Tracker’ was produced.

We were commissioned by International Paper to create a CD-ROM and two booklets to explain the software, its importance, and how to use it. The product has now been distributed to International Paper staff right across Europe.

The CD-ROM features some really impressive 3D graphics and uses screen grabs and a voice over to clearly explain the software. There are two accompanying booklets, ‘The Little Book of Brussels’ which explains why it is so important to follow EU regulations, and ‘The EU Issue Tracker’ which explains the software. We created custom packaging for the product and organised its reproduction.

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