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The Little Green Kit

International Paper (IP) is a long standing client of Digital Marmalade. We help the IP communications team deliver key initiatives across the globe, both to its staff and international client base.  ‘The Little Green Kit’ is a comms piece that focuses on sustainability within the Paper & Pulp industry. The original brief started off as an Internal Comms initiative which then grew to include an external audience.

The Little Green Kit is made up of a series of three booklets:

  • ‘The Little Green Book’ – focuses on separating myth from reality regarding perceptions of sustainability and the paper industry;
  • ‘The Little Book of Commonsense’ - highlights stuff you secretly already know about paper, its uses and its future;
  • ‘A Matter of Credentials’ – tells the story of how sustainability has been at the heart of International Paper’s approach to business for over a century.

Communicating internally within an organisation is just as important, if not more so, than communicating externally. Keeping a workforce well informed and motivated is essential in all organisations that wish to exceed their goals.  With that in mind the kit also includes a collection of ‘scenario cards’, which are used to coach staff on communicating effectively on what can sometimes be a difficult topic.

The entire collection is packaged together in a beautifully designed box and is available in English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Polish, Italian, Russian and Turkish.

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