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JTL Glossary, Promo and Video Tools Deployed

One of the biggest issues for websites is keeping them maintained. There is always something new that needs to be put up, or an amendment made. To make this easy for JTL, we have provided it with a proprietary Content Management System (CMS). Through this really involved suite of tools, the company has total control of the content of the site. These tools have been specifically developed so that the administrator doesn’t need to have much training to use them, making them all the more efficient – even non-technical staff can be allocated the role of making updates.

We have built tools that meet the client’s exact needs. Here are just a few examples of some of the things the staff at JTL can easily update and amend:

  • ‘The Glossary’
    The language used when talking about apprenticeships is quite acronym driven, so ‘The Glossary’ is a really vital tool for the user. We have given JTL the ability to create and update its own Glossary as and when it likes, through a fully automated management system. Any words that appear on the site and are in The Glossary are automatically highlighted and underlined. By clicking on them the user is linked to a pop-up window which details the word’s definition and any associated words.
  • ‘Promotion Pods’
    The JTL website makes a lot of use of promotions, which are displayed in little pods aligned on the right hand side of the page. Signposting interesting and relevant content to users is key to ensuring that the right message is given. JTL can now create and position six different kinds of pods across each page of the whole site.
  • ‘Video uploads’
    This tool allows a single video upload to be used by any of the four JTL sites, on a number of different channels. They can then be regionalised and played in their own branded flash player. Once a video is made, it can be uploaded to the Media Centre through the administration area. The tool then automatically generates the necessary thumbnail before placing the video on separate TV channels available through the website.

The huge advantage to having these bespoke content management tools is that they have been designed by us to meet JTL’s exact needs. This also means that they are in line with the company’s working procedures and methodology, and deliver what Digital Marmalade need on the front end of the website. This gives JTL the flexibility and independence to run the site on a day to day basis themselves, and saves Digital Marmalade time and resources in the process.

The only way to showcase the power and efficiency of these tools is see them for yourself – contact Anthony on 0208 249 5655.

We’ll keep you updated on the progress of the project.

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