JTL Interactive Multimedia Lesson Planner

Digital Marmalade has created an interactive classroom tool to assist JTL's recruiters.

JTL is the leading training provider to the building services engineering sector, supporting thousands of apprentices within the industry.  The role of JTL's recruiters is to outline the benefits of starting and building a career as an apprentice.  The recruiters facilitate classroom sessions outlining the ‘apprenticeship journey’ with young people in the final year of their schooling.

The application we delivered is designed to be used as a classroom aid, giving the recruiters the ability to deliver customised multimedia presentations designed specifically for each audience.

Built in Flash, the application is installed and runs on the presenter's laptop.  Through an intuitive interface the presenter can customise the classroom session and formulate a lesson plan.  The application then collates and produces the appropriate support materials combining the selected multimedia assets, videos and classroom based exercises into a slick presentation.

An additional benefit is that new materials, classroom exercises and lesson plans can be easily shared between head office and the recruiters.

Early feedback on the application is that it has been a massive success in terms of standardising lessons, saving time and engaging with the classroom.

JTL Lesson Plan CD-Rom
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