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JTL's New Corporate Website Developed

We’re really pleased to announce that JTL Corporate, the last of the five JTL websites which we have built, has now been launched!

It was always planned that the final site to be built in this project would be the corporate site. It is predominantly aimed at company directors and the people that fund JTL, so we took a completely different approach to this website’s design. We’ve moved away from the bright yellow and blue branding of the other sites to produce a more conservative, corporate looking site. This more ‘formal’ design that we have applied still ties in with the JTL brand - but it is tailored to be appropriate for this very different demographic.

The JTL Corporate website was built on the backbone of the other sites. We’ve extended the existing Content Management System, and customised it by stripping various sections out and adding in others. This has saved a lot of time and resources and allowed JTL to maximise its budget.

The homepage for the JTL Corporate website has been a huge success. So much so, that we’ve been revisiting the other sites and refining their own homepages to bring them into line with the JTL Corporate homepage. They are all similar in structure and format, but the subtle changes that we have made make them all the more effective.

Our work with JTL Training is ongoing. We will keep you updated  on future developments.

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