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JTL Websites Transferred onto the New Marmalade Suite CMS System

New CMS - Marmalade Suite vs. Old CMS - Prak

The five Digital Marmalade designed JTL websites have undergone a complete Content Management System (CMS) refit, and have now been transferred onto the new Marmalade Suite.

The JTL sites now have a combined total of more than six hundred pages! This is a huge amount of content. The sites were on the Marmalade Suite's predecessor, PRAK. At the beginning of this project we dedicated the entire CMS budget to developing its functionality. It was always the plan to change the navigation and make it more effective. The new Marmalade Suite is much easier to manage. The content held within the pages of the site can now be accessed in a much more effective way, allowing users to operate the system with no training. We've integrated a program called Wiziwig which allows for a Microsoft Word type of interface, which makes it easy for the staff at JTL to update content. The Marmalade suite fits across all of the five sites, and has consolidated pages considerably as various content is now shared in the backend.

The flow, design and navigation of the CMS has been refined and made more user intuitive. This all collectively comes together to save JTL time, and dramatically reduces the potential for errors. Thanks to Wiziwig, anyone can now use the backend systems to update the site, without any knowledge of even the most basic HTML tags. This means that access can be opened up to more JTL staff, and the Marketing Director's time can be used more effectively!

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