JVC Digital Camera Demo Goes Live In Stores


JVC commissioned Digital Marmalade to develop an interactive CD-ROM to promote its digital camera range in stores. It was designed to be easily installed on PCs within JVC's various dealerships, including the Dixons chain of stores throughout the UK. The product is designed to run as an in-store advert in the form of a looped video, which plays until a user interacts with the demo. As soon as the mouse is moved, interactive options appear, enabling the user to view the five featured cameras from JVC's Prosumer range.

For each camera the demo includes interactive animations of the key features, an overview of the provided and optional accessories, and a product video. As well as this, there is a virtual showroom area, which combines original photography, voiceovers and QuickTime VRs to describe the different cameras' functionality.

The CD was developed to resolve an issue relating to JVC's digital camera range. As a company who only distribute products through their dealerships, they had no way of communicating directly with their customer base, and in most cases were at the mercy of the particular sales person to correctly sell the product. It was with that in mind that they appointed Digital Marmalade to produce in-store demonstrations of their digital video camera range.

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