Know Your Cricket returns for fifth year with Middlesex

We are thrilled to let you know that KNOW YOUR CRICKET is back for another season - Middlesex's fun, free and engaging fantasy cricket prediction game!

It's a great way to show your Middlesex knowledge, have some fun, and add another dimension of enjoyment to every day's play this season - and the best bit - unlike many complicated fantasy games, Know Your Cricket is really simple to play!

All you have to do is register to play, then spend a couple of minutes before each game to make the following predictions:

  • Pick the side you think will win the match
  • Pick the batter you think will score the most runs
  • Pick the bowler you think will take the most wickets
  • Pick a wildcard, who scores you points for batting, bowling and fielding
  • Pick the total amount of runs you think will be scored in the game

It's that simple! Once you've made your predictions, just sit back, keep your fingers crossed, and hope your batter smashes it to all parts, your bowler rips into the opposition, your fielder clings on to those skiers and pray that you've picked the right result and volume of runs!

All the scoring is done live as the match progresses, so you can see your points climbing as your players perform out there in the middle!

Play Know Your Cricket here

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