Little Green Kit rolled out in 8 languages

The Little Green Kit Website

International Paper are one of Digital Marmalade’s long standing clients – we’ve worked together for 10 years!

Our most recent project with them was publishing the digital version of ‘The Little Green Kit’:

This is the international Paper EMEA sustainability story so far, a narrative trilogy composed of:

  • The Little Green Book
  • The Little Book of Commonsense
  • A Matter of Credentials

Together, these aim to separate myth from reality in the paper industry, demonstrate the ‘true brilliance of paper’ and tell real life stories about using paper, and take a closer look at the sustainability footprint of International Paper in Europe.

It has been incredibly successful, and Digital Marmalade took this content online in a responsive format to reach and reinforce their message to a wider audience.

The website also showcases ‘The Treeble Effect’ video:  

Additionally, we have been working recently to translate the website into 8 languages, which is now being rolled out, broadening The Little Green Kit’s reach even more.

Lastly, here are 10 paper facts for your next cocktail party, enjoy!

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