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LMA Website Continues to Develop and Grow

The League Managers Association (LMA) is the collective representative voice for all Premiership and Football League managers. Its Digital Marmalade built website has, like the management structure within The LMA, recently undergone some changes. In line with these internal changes, The LMA has developed a number of new services, all designed to increase revenue.

To support these changes we've added some new areas to the website. Firstly, we have created an events module entitled 'LMA Events'. Through this module, The LMA can advertise events which it will be hosting, such as Fabio Capello's one-to-one dinner. It can then follow up these events, and add photographs and video clips. The events module is really easy to update, giving the staff at The LMA the freedom to manage the site independently.

We've also made some refinements to the search function on the site.

In line with The LMA's growth and the increase in its range of services and benefits, new sections detailing 'Member Benefits' and 'Member Services' have been added. This is basically a communication tool which helps members to use the various services offered by The LMA. It is also a great way for The LMA to maximise marketing opportunities and increase its advertising revenue.

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