London Education Authority Interactive Web Training CD-ROM Completed


The LEA (London Education Authority) commissioned Digital Marmalade to produce an interactive guide to the internet and web technologies, to be delivered on CD-ROM. This CD-ROM was shipped out along with thousands of PCs, in a community project for British Telecom.

The CD-ROM offers the user a guide to using the internet, right from an explanation of what the internet is to instructions on configuring Outlook. We broke the information into six sections:

  • Introduction To The Net
  • Using The Net
  • Email
  • Surfing With Style
  • Where Do I Go From Here
  • Jargon Buster

These sections are all broken into lots of sub-sections, allowing the user to move through the tiers to get more specific information in an easily digestible way. We incorporated colourful bespoke illustrations with BT’s classic branding to give the CD-ROM a personised look-and feel which was in keeping with BT’s identity.

The end product is a great tool for anyone new to the internet.

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