Marie has a Grizzly time in Beer

Braving cold winds and near-arctic temperatures, Marie joined the 2,000 or so competitors in this year’s Grizzly run in Beer, Devon. The distance involved is different each year but is around the 20 mile mark – this year it had to be revised after a cliff fall made a section unsafe, reducing it to 18.5 miles.

In addition to the harsh conditions the run presented other challenges; namely the relentless hills which became mudslides, and the thigh deep bogs that make this run famous. A nice touch by the residents of Beer was to lay on glasses of beer for the competitors a mile or so before the end of the race.

For Marie, this wasn’t about a time or indeed a position, the name of the game was to finish. Out of the 2,300 signed up runners only about 1500 finished so it’s no mean feat.

This was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, I really did wonder at times if I could finish.  Trying to run up hills when they’ve turned into mud-baths is demoralising but the camaraderie of the other runners saw me through. Seaton Fire Brigade hosing down each contestant at the end of the race may have helped motivate me too.
Marie Holland
Grizzly run in Beer, Devon
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