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Medlink Goes Stateside with Digital Marmalade Clone

Digital Marmalade is pleased to announce that the site for Medlink US has been launched!

Due to the phenomenal success of Medlink in the UK, and the huge student market in the US, it was decided that the company would launch a US version of its courses. In the UK, Medlink run four day courses for students studying in sixth form, at which they have the opportunity to learn more about studying medicine and get help and support with their UCAS applications – the idea was to replicate this model in the states.

Because or the sheer size of America, the US market is far more dependent on the internet than we are in the UK. Identifying Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) terms was vital. Because the original site was built in CSS with various SEO options, it made perfect sense for this to be cloned, slightly rebranded and launched in States.

Once we’d cloned the Medlink UK website, we gave it a lick of paint and updated the content to make it relevant for the US. The site has now been launched - we wish Medlink the best of luck!

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