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Medlink's Social Networking Website Goes Lives

Medlink’s website now boasts an entirely new area which is available for delegates if they log in. The original Digital Marmalade built site, which went live last year, was previously only a client-facing site which detailed the courses available and offered a booking function.

The new area of the site, entitled 'Medlinkspace', is a social networking site for course delegates. Delegates can create their own page, and through this they can communicate with each other both before and after the course has happened. We’ve created bulletin boards which are the central point for this community, and on these boards students can get to know each other before they arrive at the course.

A delegate’s personal page can also be used to support a university application –   and this greatly enhances the likelihood of acceptance.  When applying to UCAS, it is really important that the student is able to express as much about themself as possible, but the application process is restrictive in that the amount of space provided is very limited. By including a link to a Medlink personal page, the student has the unique chance to really present themself in more detail.

A fundamental part of the site’s design was linking it into Medlink’s existing administrative systems. We did this by using the eight digit  ID number which each delegate is issued by Medlink’s when they book a place, as  the user's  login code. Through this number, the two systems are tied together seamlessly.

Delegates have the option to buy additional elements to the course, and to upgrade their ‘package’. The backend system which we have put in place allows administrative staff to upload assets and have them made available to an individual. The delegate is then automatically emailed a notification and a link to the asset.

With the increasing popularity of social networking sites, especially amongst teenagers, Medlinkspace seems destined for success!

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