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Monarch Airlines Best Holiday Deals Updated

Getting away is a pretty high priority for most of us at this time of year. The cold dark evenings and relentless bad weather makes a fertile breeding ground for thoughts of sunshine, beaches, and sipping cocktails by the pool. It's not surprising that this is the start of the peak holiday booking season.

Given the current economic climate and collapse of the economy, the commercial teams at Monarch decided that they wanted to offer great value holidays in a more clear and intuitive way throughout the website - in particular, for holidays for families and couples. They felt that a more targeted, more commercially astute way of promoting their products was needed, which focused on one thing - great deals on holidays.

We worked closely with the IT department at Monarch to come up with a system for showing the best prices for each month and destination. The solution that we came up with basically involved putting a destination grid on the 'Holidays', 'Villas' and 'Distant Dream' homepages. Through this grid, customers can find the best deals available to them in a more intuitive manner. The user can see these deals in one of two ways. They can select the month that they want to travel, at which point the best offers that are available are displayed. The user can also chose to switch to 'destination view', and by clicking though an interactive map find the destination that they want to go to. The prices will then be refreshed showing the best deals for each of the months.

This is an easily accessible, more intuitive way of showing the best deals available and ties in with Monarch's above-the-line advertising.

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