Monarch Airlines' MPlayer rolled out across the fleet

Monarch MPlayer

MPlayer is Monarch’s brand new, personal, in-flight entertainment service.

The free application for Apple, Android and Kindle devices gives Monarch customers access to a whole host of entertainment on board their flight such as Monarch’s in-flight magazines, and destination bar and restaurant reviews from BarChick and TripAdvisor.

Most exciting for Monarch customers however is that additionally, for a cost of £3.99 per flight, they can stream a choice of 5 Hollywood movies, over 50 episodes of BBC Worldwide programmes and an extensive music library directly on their device.

Currently available on a selection of Monarch’s fleet and being rolled out further, MPlayer has been developed by on-board wireless and in-flight entertainment company, AeroFi. The system comprises an on-board server under the flight deck which stores all the content and control software, wireless access points throughout the aircraft, then of course the app itself which is downloaded by customers before they board.

Customers should enable ‘Flight Mode’, but then reactivate their Wi-Fi when the flight crew announce that the media server has been turned on. They then simply connect to the wireless network, ‘Monarch’, open the app and start enjoying the great content with no password required. Customers can browse the available premium content, or ‘Media Bundle’ before they make their purchase to allow them to make an informed buying decision.

The system is secure and PCI compliant, with payments processed in the background by PayPal.

Also key to the success of MPlayer was the launch of Monarch’s new ergonomic, non-reclining seats which have tablet holders in the back. This means that customers can enjoy the content comfortably, without having to prop up their device on the tray-table or hold it.

Digital Marmalade helped wireframe a prototype of the app, and provided designs to AeroFi's app development team. MPlayer will soon be integrated directly into the Monarch app.

This is an exciting development in in-flight entertainment by Monarch and an innovative response to changes seen in customer behaviour, with more tablets and smartphones being brought on board. To have content available directly on a device personalises the experience for customers as well as keeping it simple and familiar, and overall makes their travel experience more enjoyable.

Monarch are continuing to improve and develop MPlayer; read more about it here:

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