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New Arjo Wiggins Website Launched

Arjo Wiggins manufacture the world’s leading carbonless paper brand, IDEM. Digital Marmalade worked with Arjo Wiggins to produce its new global website.

Previously, Arjo Wiggins had completely ignored the internet as a communication channel. Being the market leader in its field, the decision was made to embrace the web and migrate much of its customer support online. We were commissioned to design, build and launch its new interactive website.

We worked closely with Arjo Wiggins’ Marketing Department to structure the content, treatment and site navigation in such a way that it was a usable, engaging environment for all of  its visitors. Digital Marmalade and the IDEM marketing team wanted it to be designed as an educational tool for all of its users, including merchants, reel and sheet printers, industry press, existing and potential customers, suppliers and staff.

We focused the content on application based solutions, as opposed to sales information on IDEM carbonless paper products. A wizard-based, product selection tool was built into the site, enabling visitors to identify and order the exact product to suit their needs.

As well as a completely new look for the IDEM online brand, Digital Marmalade added interactive videos with explanatory narrative, describing how the paper is made and how carbonless paper works. The videos consist of chapters, each one detailing a stage in the overall process, such as the harvesting and processing, finishing and quality assurance. The user can select the chapters as they wish or view the video from beginning to end.

The design of the site reflects the qualities of IDEM, which as a market leader, traditionally stands for quality, reliability, good service and excellent technical support.

As a market leader, our customers expect us to have a fully interactive website to communicate product information, company information and client services. Nowadays, people first try to find information on the Internet. The new IDEM website will be the one port-of-call, for everyone wishing to know more about IDEM and carbonless paper, in the future.
John Cooper, Technical Marketing Manager at Arjo Wiggins Carbonless Paper Operations
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