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New Islington Branch Added to The Chapel

The Chapel - Landing Page

The Chapel has just opened its second venture, in the stylish London borough of Islington. In line with this, Digital Marmalade has built an entire second section of The Chapel’s website devoted to the new branch, which has now gone fully live – you can have a look by clicking here.

The strategy was to split The Chapel website into two mirrored sections. One for the Tunbridge Wells salon, and one for the new Islington branch. Where we could, we tried to re use assets; however new imagery was sourced for the Islington section. We took this development to the site as an opportunity to introduce some new sections. A ‘Press and Video’ area has been added, which features articles from the consumer and trade press, as well as a selection of videos including interviews with customers and fashion shows. Perhaps most impressively though, is the ‘Hair Collections’ section. This features a slideshow of truly stunning images of some of the work of the top stylists at the salon. Animated in Flash, this feature really develops on the style and the relaxed feeling of the rest of the website. By continuing to extend these design and animation aspects, we are supporting The Chapel in their strategy to continue to establish and strengthen their online identity.

The opening of The Chapel’s second venture is a really exciting step for the company. As a forward thinking and exceptionally innovative enterprise, it has seen a great deal of recognition within its industry. Over the last few years it has won numerous awards, including the British Hairdressing and Business Awards ‘Website Innovation of the Year’ on two occasions! As more branches of the salon open in the future, we plan to continue to work with The Chapel in maintaining and building their online presence.

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