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New Monarch Hotels Website

Monarch Airlines, Cosmos, and somewhere2stay are all part of the same travel group. Due to the massive amount of web traffic that Monarch get, the decision was made to rebrand both the Cosmos Holidays and somewhere2stay websites in Monarch colours. The idea was that by doing this, the company would be able to capitalise on this web traffic by cross-selling various other travel products.

Stage one of this project was to re-skin the somewhere2stay website as Monarch Hotels. This involved an initial scoping stage where different design options were produced, reviewed and tweaked. Once the designs were decided upon and signed off, our web designers and Cosmos' developers put their heads down and worked towards re-skinning the somewhere2stay website.

We worked with the Monarch team to create new logos, and provided all new graphics for the site. Although we’ve changed the style sheets that drive it, we’ve not changed the layout or architecture – this project was purely cosmetic quick win. The designs followed the current Fly Monarch site’s look and feel.

The somewhere2stay brand remains as before, except that it now acts as a hotel booking website for agents only.

Thanks to the conviction and hard work of the teams at Digital Marmalade and Cosmos, this job was completed in just three weeks! The next stage is to do the same for the Cosmos Holidays website.

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