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Page Turn Interactive Gets a fresh look and feel

Page Turn Interactive New Look

Page Turn Interactive specialise in publishing interactive magazine style content to the web.  The magazines can be fully produced without the customer having an in-depth knowledge of web technology.  In the website's admin section the customer can add interactive features such as polls, video, competitions, pdf downloads, slides shows and more to the magazine through a simple drag and drop interface.  When published the magazine follows a traditional print model, where the user turns the pages in a linear function, but with the addition of interactive multimedia.

Digital Marmalade was approached to give Page Turn Interactive a fresh and professional look and feel.  We were tasked in producing a series of interface ‘skins’ for the customer focused and the corporate focused websites.

The company have big plans to roll the offering out on a global scale and recognized that for it to really be a success the admin screens in the back-end needed to be as slick and professional as the front end website.  With that in mind we applied the front end design theme to the admin screens to tighten up the full package.

Page Turn was so impressed with the work we did that they immediately asked us to design a website for its supplier base directory.  This website gives potential customers a full searchable directory of all the services they may need to produce striking magazines, including copy writers, photographers, editors and art workers.  Again we developed both the front end and back end designs.

Our next project with is to redesign and develop the parent company Communikator Publishing’s website.

We’ll let you know how that goes.

You can find out more about Page Turn Interactive site at www.pageturninteractive.co.uk

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