Papa’s got a brand-new brand!

Digital Marmalade - New Brand Logo

With our 20th birthday approaching fast, we took the bold decision to revamp our identity. As anyone who’s been through a rebrand knows, shedding your old skin for a completely new one is a scary prospect; but we’re thrilled with the new look and we hope you are too!

The finished article was several months in the making and started with a new logo design. After multiple iterations we settled upon a fresh, modern device that can work with or without the “digital marmalade” text. This means it can stand alone on social media, as an app icon or adorn practically any other company materials. In many ways it’s an evolution of previous logos – retaining the use of “D” and “M” but updated to be more crisp and modern.

At the same time a new, vibrant colour palette was introduced and we’re looking forward to splashing it across our office…the new drinks coasters are already on order!

Finally, if you’re reading this article then you’ve probably already noticed the complete overhaul of our website.  It’s often the hardest thing for an agency to dedicate time to, especially when there are demanding project deadlines lurking around every corner. We managed it though, and so far the use of top quality photography and large type to communicate messages, as well as fun transitional animations, has garnered very positive reactions. Clients, partners and friends all seem to like the new direction and on top of that the site was recently awarded a Merit for Commendable Sites by Awwwards (

At the moment our new identity feels like a shiny new pair of jeans that you can’t wait to wear to the pub on a Friday night. No doubt in time it will feel like our favourite old pair of jeans that are so comfy we can’t ever imagine throwing them away… it gets tougher and tougher with each rebrand!

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