Patientline's Hospital TV Channel Video Produced

The new, Digital Marmalade produced programs developed for Patientline’s welcome channel have now live across the hospital network.

The two programs, which were designed and  produced entirely in house at the Digital Marmalade studios, are miles ahead of anything that Patientline had previously. Before, PowerPoint had been used to create slide presentations to convey messages and promotions across its hospital networks. The severe limitations of this software, however, meant that people didn’t get the right first impression of Patientline. The new programs are slick and glossy, using animation to bring the messages to life.

The finished programs clearly explain the services and benefits of registering for Patientline, and detail how to use it. We produced them in stages, splitting new and existing messages into strings, promos and instructions. These elements are the building blocks of the channel and comprise of standalone video clips that can be played in any order, allowing flexible control of the broadcast program. All of the assets can also be easily updated, and reused in other marketing initiatives such as sales conferences and website promotions.

Patientline bedside units have been designed and built to be accessible to all patients – the young and old, people hard of hearing or visually impaired can all enjoy the benefits of Patientline’s services. It was really important that the content took these things into consideration. Animation was suitably paced, and the type is clearly legible. Clear animated instructions showing the viewer how to use the unit combine with polished stings to demonstrate the unit’s ease of use and the benefits that the users can enjoy. The channel is, ultimately, meant be educational and encourage patients, family and friends to use the free services, and gently introduce the paying services.

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