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Prime Minister Soft Launches Spirit of London Website Initiative

Spirit of London and Gordon Brown

The Spirit of London awards are an aspirational new awards scheme for young Londoners. To be officially launched in 2009 with a unique range of awards and a major awards show event, the Spirit of London awards will illuminate good examples of vibrant young people from an eclectic mix of multicultural backgrounds.

Following the success of the Damilola Taylor Trust, the People's March and the various initiatives that bring together those that have lost young lives in London, an awards scheme for young people in London was created. This is a Home Office backed initiative, and effectively covers each of the thirty three boroughs of London. The awards ceremony will be held in April to promote these awards and the positive impact that they will have on the city. The awards were launched in front of Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Boris Johnston at the Damilola Taylor memorial service in Thurrock, and are widely backed by both the government and celebrities alike.

We were invited to design, create and establish a suitable brand for the Spirit of London. The look and feel of the brand needed to be urban, but still corporate enough to be understood by older people and the corporate sector. The website that we have created allows the user to nominate someone for an award and suggest future awards.

The awards are judged by a panel consisting of celebrities and people who work with young people in London. We've created a 'Judges' section of the site which contains profiles for each of the judges. There is a 'Partners' area which provides links to the local government websites for each borough of London through an interactive map. Each of the charities and initiatives associated with the awards are also detailed, with links to their websites. The website serves as a conduit to these charities, acting as a central hub for them to promote themselves. All of the media partners involved such as 33 Boroughs, Net Benefit, The Sun and the Home Office are also promoted through the site, with their logos placed prominently on the homepage. We have worked with these partners to ensure that the awards get as much coverage as possible.

We've also completed the trophy design, which gave us the opportunity to extend and build upon the brand that we have created. This has been a great project to be involved in and we feel that the Spirit of London awards are going to have a really positive affect on the people of London. We will be keeping you updated on the progress of this initiative.

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