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Queens Hotel Change a hotel habit of a lifetime

The Queens Hotel is a business that has been successfully run by a family in a traditional sense… old school as some might say!  As the new generation are now growing into the business and taking on more and more responsibility they wanted to move the administration of the business into the digital age.

Over the years Queens followed a more then adequate process for reserving rooms, and managing the bookings and check outs.  Albeit that the whole process was paper based.  It took the older generation some persuading by the new younger management to ‘go digital’.  They succeeded under the condition that the digital solution closely followed the previous paper based process.

Digital Marmalade was brought in to develop this bespoke hotel booking system. 

The application is built within the Marmalade Suite and features 2 main components – the Booking engine (room availability, reservations, pricing, extras and checking out) and the Management Reporting engine (invoicing, performance, capacity, exports into accounting software).

The system is now installed and running well.  Once everyone has got used to the new technology the next phase is the build a customer relationship management tool.

And may we add what nice people the Queens staff are.  The whole project was a pleasure.

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