Senior Management Q&A Session added to IPTV

Back in November 2008 we created an online television channel for International Paper, called IPTV. This channel is a central place on the company’s Intranet which gives International Paper a cost effective method for communicating with its 50,000 staff across the globe.

Each month, we’ve filmed, edited, scripted and subtitled a program for IPTV. This month, the episode (entitled ‘The Panel’) features interviews with four of the key leaders at International Paper, answering questions submitted by IP’s staff.

Again, armed with video cameras, we jumped on a train to Brussels to film a questions and answers session at International Paper’s head quarters. Using black backdrops and very careful lighting, we turned a meeting room into a TV studio and set up three cameras ready to film the subjects.

The panel comprised of Mary Laschinger, President of International Paper Europe Middle East and Africa, Paul Brown, General Manager of European Container, Greg Gibson, General Manager and Vice President of European Paper, and Franz Joseph Marx, President of International Paper Russia. Where as we have in the past only filmed two people for each program, with this shoot, we had five. We have to very carefully set up the shots so that each person was included and lit evenly.

The panel answered a number of challenging questions relating to the current state of the global economy, and discussed the safety and security of the company in these challenging times. They spoke about their regions and areas of the business and about how they would be moving forward. Answering this kind of questions on camera is never an easy task, but one which they all managed brilliantly.

Once our crew was back on home soil, the edit began. All of the editing was completed in-house in the Marmalade studios. Once done, it was uploaded to a secure web space so that the marketing team at International Paper could approve it.

The next part of this process is to write a script for the subtitles. As IPTV reaches staff right across Europe and Russia, it needs to be available in six different languages – English, Spanish, French, Polish and Russian. After the script had been signed off by International Paper, it was sent to the translators. These translations were them time coded and put into XML files. Once this was fed into Flash, viola! Subtitles appear in one of the six different languages, as chosen by the viewer.

It will be available for International Paper staff to view soon.

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