So, what’s the fringe hype?

Fringehype Responsive Ecommerce Website

Well, I’ll tell you! FringeHype have just launched their brand new website!

Partnered with the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, they are your one-stop-shop for all things print. Starting from scratch, Digital Marmalade liaised with FringeHype to create a snazzy, fully responsive ecommerce website that gives their customers everything they’re looking for and more. From design to the finished product (whichever one you choose), the site guides consumers seamlessly through the process.

The website, with its eye-catching parallax scrolling, boasts more than just print services. FringeHype also provide a range of design, distribution and photography & video amenities to their eager customer base. Behind the scenes, the order processing, order tracking, product customisation and more are, of course, powered by Marmalade Suite.

Not a creative? Not a problem! FringeHype will work with you to create marketing print material that will have your audience as ‘hyped’ as ever.

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