SOLA Empowering Young Adults

When the Spirit of London Awards was originally conceived it was envisaged that this prestigious event would, in time, be owned and run by the young people themselves.  After two successful events, it is now time for Digital Marmalade to adopt more of a mentoring and digital management role within the project.

As part of the strategy the assets created will be shared with Enfuse Youth, who are taking the digital lead on the project.  Whilst providing support and encouragement, Digital Marmalade will retain an element of control of output, ensuring that key brand identity is maintained.

Other new digital partners such as SBTV and Ends2Ends will also be brought into the mix – all adding to the evolution of the youthful mix of creativity, management and focus during this next stage.

We are proud to reach this milestone as it shows the concept has worked and is now giving young hard working people the chance to make their mark!

Spirit of London Young People
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