Some deadly team building for Digital Marmalade

Us brave lot at Digital Marmalade undertook some unusual team building this week as we sprinted, dodged and commando rolled our way around an industrial estate in west London as part of the zombie escape game, 2.8 Hours Later.

After arriving at an old warehouse, we were initiated into the game where zombies have taken over London and the aim is to gather water to take back for your comrades at your safe base. Following a map and instructions, we battled the undead to enter codes into computers to get our next location, taking us through abandoned buildings, graveyards and dark alleys.

With the key objective to protect the water, a couple of the team sacrified themselves (or just weren't quick enough to escape the super fast zoms) and got infected, turning into bloody messes in time for the zombie disco. We finished the night there, a well deserved drink in hand - well, it is the end of the world after all.

Digital Marmalade - 2.8 hours later zombie survival
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