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Spirit of London Site Updated

November 27th 2009 will mark the 9th Anniversary of the tragic death of Damilola Taylor, who was brutally murdered near his home in South London. On this day, The Spirit of London Awards ceremony will be held at Alexandra Palace. This aspirational new awards scheme was developed by The Damilola Taylor Trust, created to honour and recognise some of the remarkable young people that contribute so much to the city.

As The Spirit of London’s digital consultants, we have innovated and deployed the website and the brand – we even designed the trophy. With the announcement of the awards show, it was time to update the website.

Since we first created the site last year, the awards have been building momentum. A number of high profile celebrity judges have been announced, including Shane Richie and Brooke Kinsella. We have updated the website to reflect this, creating new profiles on the site for each new judge.

A host of new, high profile partners have come onboard, which is great news for the awards. Although funded by the Home Office, powerful media partners are key to making this venture a success. We are pleased to say that The Sun, The London Paper and Crime Stoppers have all pledged their support. Through our own perseverance and connections, Net Benefit has joined the cause, too, adding its own name to the fast growing list.

The ‘Awards’ area of the site has also been embellished, we’ve added to the existing list. The ‘Suggest an Award’ function is now fully operational, too. Through a form that we have built, users can put forward their ideas for different awards and explain why they should be included. A similar form is in place allowing users to nominate people for an award.

We’ve also added some video content to the site’s homepage. In house at the Digital Marmalade Studios, we created a really impactful short video which has been edited to a song recorded specifically for the awards. The video shows different areas of London, displaying it as the diverse and exciting city that it is. It was really important that the video fit the style of the website and that it properly reflects the brand we’ve created. By using fast cuts and speeding up and slowing down the footage, we’ve made a video which is ‘urban’ in its feel. The black and white colouring that we chose adds an artistic edge, and makes the most of the footage. The video will be a viral marketing tool, too. As the vocals have not yet been recorded for the song, it offers a taster of the track which will help to support it when it is released later in the year.

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