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Sport Passport Adds 9 New Sports

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Sport Passport is a sport skills learning and assessment platform. Students are issued with a Sport Passport ID, which allows them to participate in numerous bespoke sport learning programmes.  Aqua Passport, the learn to swim programme which launched in late 2015, already has over 100,000 active members and is receiving glowing feedback and interest.

With Aqua Passport proving the concept works, the platform has now been expanded to cater for 9 additional sports: Cricket, Cycling, Football, Golf, Gymnastics, Judo, Rugby, Tennis, Triathlon

Each Sport has its own bespoke theme, branding and logo as part of the Sport Passport brand.  Tools are provided to allow leisure providers/instructors to create sport specific training courses.  Each skill can be monitored and rewarded as the student progresses through each level.

Sport Passport is quick and easy to setup, integrates with existing leisure member management systems, and is designed to serve both schools and leisure centres. We have made the software as intuitive as possible, to ensure that new leisure providers can pick it up and take it on easily, bringing all their sports onto one platform and streamlining their systems.

The lesson management tools allow the leisure providers to manage everything online – bookings, memberships, progression, communication, and achievements, allowing everyone to stay fully engaged with their development in their chosen sport.

Sport Passport

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