Sport Passport Reaches 100,000 Active Members

Sport Passport 100,000 Members - Lesson Management

Now we don’t often use the word flabbergasted, but the interest and take up of AquaPassport - the swimming learning derivative of the Sport Passport platform - has been exceptional.

Since going live 4 months ago, AquaPassport is the preferred learn to swim platform for Swim Wales, Scottish Swimming, and a handful of national leisure providers, notably Everyone Active.

We’re flabbergasted that there is already 100,000 active members on AquaPassport, who between them have attended 24,000 learn to swim sessions. These numbers are way ahead on the forecasts.

The success of AquaPassport, alongside the system being a finalist in the global Technology in Sport awards, has proved the concept works. Sport Passport is now being rolled out across a number of sports. We’ll keep you updated on its progress.

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