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Steve Brookstein Site Goes Live

Screenshot of the new Steve Brookstein website

Remember Steve Brookstein? Yeah, you do. Come on. Cast your mind back to the heady days of The X-Factor 2004, the first series. Steve Brookstein, the most, erm, mature of all the contestants, was crowned the overall winner of the competition, gaining over two-thirds of the audience vote.

Well, a year later and Steve found himself out on his own after being dropped by Sony BMG. Not one to be deterred, however, he approached Digital Marmalade to build him a website to support his career as an independent recording artist.

Steve was more than aware of the ‘cheesy’ image that he’d left The X-Factor with, and wanted to reposition himself as more of a ‘sophisticated’ singer. Taking this brief we worked with the man himself to come up with a style which suited the more ‘serious’ Steve Brookstein. We used duotone photographs to give Steve a really ‘classic’ look, and a homely and traditional site design mirrors this. The website, which was built in Flash, contains the usual ‘News’, ‘Diary’, ‘Biography’, ‘Music’, ‘Gallery’ and ‘Community’ sections. The ‘Community’ area links off to a forum where users can interact with Steve and each other.

Through animations built in Flash, we’ve achieved really slick transitions between each section. There is even a bespoke media player, which we created again using Flash, which allows the user to listen to Steve’s music.

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