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Streetbase website expands with new functionality

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The trial that began as ‘Party in the Park’ is now firmly established as StreetBase and needed an upgrade to reflect the project’s growth.

The site was originally built for a free concert to launch the new school and community centered initiative.   Over the past two years, the idea has firmly taken root and now serves over 100,000 school aged kids in the borough of Barking & Dagenham (the largest in London).

To help with costs, and to accelerate getting the project off the ground, certain features and functions were held back until they were absolutely necessary. In February the time had come to focus on automation and streamlining.

To that end, we have delivered the following additional functionality to the site;

  1. Restricted Admin Access:
    Now certain users (like schools) only have access to their specific portion of the site, allowing them to take ownership of that direct link to their young people by posting news and events just for them.  A small change, but a big difference.

  2. Rewards automation:
    We have put into place an automated process for reward redemption – taking away the need for continual monitoring by Barking & Dagenham staff.  From now on emails are sent directly to providers with reward requests and their completion emailed back to the project team.  This change means no-one will get short changed – if you have the points you will get your reward – an essential for customer relations.

  3. Schools’ Rewards Admin Area Integration:
    A technical item, but important nonetheless – this is an interface between the school and Smart Citizen’s system. This allows schools to add and create their own rewards for their own children. Another small but necessary function, as it widens the responsibility to those outside of the council to incentivise positive behaviours. This means school attendance could be rewarded if identified as an issue at that school.

  4. Re-skin of Party in Park portion of the site:
    This is the most recognisable change – as we brought the front end of the site into line with the admin area and StreetBase brand as a whole. From tightening up the events calendar to making the site mobile ready – these are all important changes to improve the user experience.

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