Success 2009 Video Added to IPTV

IPTV was again central in the communication to International Paper’s 50,000 staff across the globe. 

The purpose of the video was to spread the message that although 2008 was a dire year for the world’s economy, International Paper had a lot to celebrate and be proud of.
The video starts off in sombre mood with newspaper headlines flying off the printing press; “Mayhem in the Markets”; “Lehman Brothers Files for Bankruptcy” and “Royal Bank of Scotland Nationalised” amongst others, setting up the scene for the year.  This mood slowly picks up with the line “But when it is really dark the stars come out”.  From here on in the accompanying sound track crescendos into a jolly Irish jig whilst the visuals zoom around a jigsaw of a map of European highlighting the regional significant wins for International Paper and at the same time building the map of Europe.

The maps where created in 3D and broken into hundreds of jigsaw pieces which were animated in time with the music and in line with the countries and regions that the message was applicable to.  It’s very impactful and has gone down well within the company, hopefully boosting moral along the way.

We can’t show you the video due to some of the sensitive videos, but hopefully the screen grabs give you an idea!

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