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Telegraphs New Website Goes Live


Digital Marmalade has taken a further step into the entertainment world - by building and designing a website for Brighton band Telegraphs. The five-piece may have only formed in late 2005, but they have already started to make waves in their seaside hometown. By designing and building their website we are helping them improve their online presence. With the music industry becoming ever more reliant on the internet and digital assets, getting this right is more important than ever for bands.

Most band websites follow a similar structure and format. We did a lot of research into this, and decided that the site should have seven areas; ‘News’, ‘Band’, ‘Media’, ‘Live’, ‘Photos’, ‘Contact’ and ‘Links’. The simple but intuitive navigation that we have created is very effective, allowing the user to move through the content easily.

The ‘News’ feed is placed on the homepage. The band can add and edit news stories, enabling them to keep their fans completely up to date with any developments. News stories are listed down the left hand side of the page, with headlines and dates. As the user selects a news item by clicking its headline, the full story appears on the right hand side of the page. The ‘Band’ area contains the band’s biography and individual photos of the five members, captioned with their names and instruments.

Using Flash, we built a media payer to sit in the ‘Media’ section of the website, enabling the user to listen to Telegraphs’ songs through the site. We have also added a ‘Press’ subsection to this area, which provides links to scanned copies of any printed press articles that the band has uploaded. There is also a ‘Live’ area of the website, which lists full details of any upcoming shows, as well as venue information. We have also included ‘Myspace’ in the navigation, which is a direct link to the band’s MySpace page.

The ‘Photos’ feature of the website allows for different galleries to be created as they are needed. We have, so far, built galleries for promotional images, live images, and one for snapshots. Thumbnails of the photos can be selected, at which point a larger copy of the image appears on the opposite side of the page.

The website has a sharp, stylish and very contemporary design that suitably reflects the band’s image. The earthy colour scheme in place gives the website an organic, retro feel. We have worked with the band to create a logo, too, which will help to strengthen their identity within the industry. All of these design aspects can be extended through to their release artwork as well as their MySpace page.

Because we have built the website on a Content Management System, all of the website’s content is easily updatable. The band can add or remove photos from the ‘Photos’ section, as well as create new galleries if they so choose. The ‘Live’, ‘Band’ and ‘Links’ sections can be updated in moments, and MP3s of the band’s songs can be loaded easily into the media player. Through the bespoke tools that we have put in place, the band can also create, update and edit news items.

Digital Marmalade is very pleased to be working Telegraphs and will be continuing to help them raise their online profile. You can have a look at the site by clicking here.

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