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The Great Outdoors Fusion Microsite Goes Live

Great Outdoors Homepage

We first built a ‘Great Outdoors’ microsite for Fusion in 2014, but this year it is back with a vengeance!

With a new marketing team keen to really highlight Fusion’s outdoor activities, there was scope for greater investment this year and the need for a uniquely designed site. While still recognisable as a Fusion site, it had to stand out as current and exciting in a crowded market.

You may well have seen the huge increase in outdoor fitness over the past couple of years, with it really ramping up in the last 12 months. Fitness is trendy, and doing it outside, getting muddy, and having an adventure is incredibly popular.

Fusion have a number of outdoor activities and facilities, including brand new bootcamps, all of which are a perfect fit for this trend. The Great Outdoors site has to show off not only the vast amount available, that people may have no idea Fusion offer, but it also had to be an accurate representation of fitness outdoors in this country! So, doing it rain or shine, suburbs or city and getting stuck in with your mates.

It needed to be real and engaging.

To answer these requirements, we came up with a few devices:

  1. The design itself is hard edged, with bold fonts and large format photography
  2. The ‘Wall of Greatness’ engages with customers – they post a tweet or photo with #gofusionuk for a chance for it to show on the wall, encouraging others to get involved
  3. The Adventure Scale – tapping into the increasing popularity of adventure activities, customers can choose on the scale how adventurous they are feeling and hopefully try something new
  4. The weather – our weather widget shows you what the weather will be like for today and the following 2 days, so at least you can prepare!

As well as these unique touches, the rest of the site shows off what’s on offer through high quality images. The content can all be managed by Fusion in the custom built CMS in our own Marmalade Suite, so they can add and remove activities, choose new images, update copy and centre information and keep the wall of greatness up to date.

Social sharing is encouraged as well – #gofusionuk is being promoted across Fusion’s other websites and centre Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and Instagram accounts. Using a combination of our CMS, IFTTT and Buffer we created rules to allow posted content to be shared to a wider audience, really pushing Great Outdoors and getting it noticed.

The site received a great reception at DM and Fusion alike – its design is so refreshing compared to last year that it has spurred on updates to other areas of Fusion’s website, as well as showing what is possible with microsites, so watch this space!

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