The Jimmy Mizen Foundation Launch Initiative

Here at Digital Marmalade we love to create inspiring, relevant and interesting brands. One such idea – Families Utd, has been a huge success in giving bereaved families emotional support and the opportunity to pull together as one and have a powerful lobbying voice.

Created in 2008, the concept of uniting the many families who have suffered a loss of a child through violence was turned into reality by the team here at Digital Marmalade, Gary Trowsdale and Barry Mizen. 

The initiative has played its part in press activity leading to front page campaigns around Prisoner Facebook usage, the ‘Count Me In’ roadshows and E-Asbos.  At the same time it has allowed a coalition of organisations to go into the heart of government and be heard.  Of equal importance Families Utd offer support to families, young and old, as they go through the many stages of grief and feelings of loss following a violent young death.

As was always our intention, we have now handed over all assets and ownership of the concept to those directly involved with the organisation.  It’s hard not to get emotionally involved in a project like this, but we step aside proud in the knowledge that we have helped establish such a worthwhile movement.

We wish both Families Utd & Jimmy Mizen Foundation best of luck in their on-going journey.

E tenebris lux – From the darkness (comes) light.

The Jimmy Mizen Foundation
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