The Miracl Platform Has Launched

Miracl - Multi-factor Authentication Platform

Over the past 6 months Digital Marmalade has been working with Miracl to deliver the first Multi-factor Authentication Platform capable of serving multiple global distributors.

If you’ve not heard of multi-factor authentication (MFA) then rest assured it won’t be long before you’re seeing it everywhere.  It’s one of the biggest online security innovations of the past decade and Miracl are at the forefront of companies delivering this new technology to consumers and businesses alike. 

To put it simply, multi-factor authentication removes the need for passwords when logging-in to applications and websites.  The single biggest benefit of multi-factor authentication is that app developers don’t need to use passwords in order to authenticate their users – and when passwords aren’t created or stored, it means hackers can't steal login data in order to breach security safeguards.

Digital Marmalade was commissioned by Miracl to build a white-label platform which can supply their MFA technology to huge global IT distributors.  Each distributor portal comes in two parts: a multi-lingual marketing website, which explains and promotes the product, and a backend 'key' distribution portal which supplies customers with the multi-factor authentication tools, integration documentation and real-time operational reports for monitoring usage and performance.

It’s a vast and complex system with some cool functionality we’re very proud of.  If you’re interested in learning more, drop us a line.

Dimension Data - Multi-factor Authentication Platform
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