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The new Families United website is launched

Logo: Families United

Families United is a group dedicated to the families who have suffered loss as a result of senseless youth violence. The four founder families are the parents of Jimmy Mizen, David Idowu, Robert Knox and Damilola Taylor. The group is dedicated to reaching out to families everywhere who have felt the pain that they felt, to bring together their newly founded family community to seek to make a difference through strength out of unity.

Digital Marmalade was invited to create the brand, logo and initial website design for Families United. The website, which is currently just a very basic holding page with a sign up form and details of Families United, will be the basis for the initiative’s launch.

Three of the four founding families will be speaking at a ‘Broken Britain’ forum today, and will be announcing the launch of Families United. There will be significant press coverage in the weekend newspapers, lead by an article in The News Of The World.

This is just the beginning of this project; we’ll keep you up to date on developments.

‘Ex obscurum advens lux lucis’
(Out of the darkness comes light)

TO VISIT THE SITE: www.familiesutd.com

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