The Telegraph Puzzles App Wins INMA Global Media Award

INMA Global Media Awards 2023

The Telegraph Media Group (TMG) in the United Kingdom has been awarded first place at the prestigious INMA Global Media Awards for their groundbreaking approach to digital subscriptions through the Sticky Puzzles app. The award, titled “How The Telegraph Are Using Puzzles to Crack the Subscription Conundrum,” recognises the exceptional strategy employed by TMG in leveraging interactive puzzles to boost subscriptions.

This honour is a testament to the ingenuity and effectiveness of combining traditional news media with engaging digital content. The Sticky Puzzles app, known for its captivating and innovative puzzle designs, has played a crucial role in this achievement. It has not only enhanced user engagement but also contributed significantly to TMG’s growing digital subscriber base.

TMG's success in this category underscores the evolving landscape of digital media, where engaging content and interactive applications are increasingly pivotal in attracting and retaining subscribers. This accolade highlights TMG’s commitment to innovation and their forward-thinking approach to digital media strategies

INMA Reveals 40 Global Media Awards

The 2023 Global Media Awards competition attracted 775 entries from 239 market-leading news media brands in 40 countries. Participants included newspaper media, magazine media, digital media, television media, and radio media.

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