Thermo Hybaid Mailer Created For Latest Product

Thermo - Christmas Email

HTML mailers continue to be very popular with our clients, the beauty of them being they have a quick turnaround time and are easy to distribute. Thermo Hybaid, a manufacturer of high-tech scientific instruments, requested a Christmas card style email to be sent out to  its employees and customers over the holiday period. The intention was to spread seasonal greetings and promote a new machine, the PxE Thermal Cycler, as well as introduce them to the new brand guidelines.

Digital Marmalade proceeded to design the mailer, selecting imagery and developing a concept based around Thermo's newly devised brand guidelines. Links were made to product information residing on the company website and a Christmas message of goodwill. The design was tested to ensure it displayed correctly and the finished product was sent to Thermo, ready for delivery.

Digital Marmalade helped us to create a very simple message from an extremely complicated brief, and the result was fantastic.
Sara Howland, Product Manager at Thermo Hybaid

The Thermo Christmas 'card' was warmly received by the various divisions within the company and was a hit with Thermo Hybaid's customers. The following comments are proof, that despite its simple nature, the mailer remains a cost effective marketing solution.

...I also clicked around the mailer and hit the links. Very nice!!! I would imagine that other business units would want to make use of this type of thing if they knew how to.
Howard J. Rosenberg, Director at Corporate Accounts
Simon, this is very clever!
Marijn Dekkers, CEO at Thermo Electron
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