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Version 2 of International Paper TV Goes Live

Screenshot of the map where you choose your location on IPTV

In November 2008 we created an online TV channel for International Paper, called IPTV. This channel is a central place on the company's Intranet which gives International Paper a cost effective method for communicating with its 50,000 staff across the globe.

IPTV has been a real success! However, due to the popularity of the site and the unexpected number of people watching the videos, International Paper's IT department found that it were consuming too much bandwidth. So, working with them, we have created a solution which eliminates this problem without compromising the quality of the videos.

Now, the user simply chooses the server closest to them to view the videos. This is done through an interactive map – the user selects their location, and chooses to either stream the video or to download it. There are also transcripts of the videos available in six languages, which the user can watch live as subtitle or download.

This has solved the bandwidth problem without disrupting IPTV!

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