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Villa Holidays Added To The Cosmos Website

Cosmos - Villa Holidays

Four months since it went live, the new Cosmos Holidays website now boasts a comprehensive ‘Villa Holidays’ section as one of its new features. This area of the site includes details of hundreds of Villa Holidays in numerous destinations, which are linked to the ‘Region Guides’ that were created as part of Phase 1.

The ‘Villa Holidays’ content is a huge asset to the website. Instead of just offering package holidays online, Cosmos are now able to appeal to another segment of the online travel market, opening itself up to a world of new business.

The Cosmos Holidays website offers visitors the option to book a Villa Holiday with or without their travel arrangements included, to search for villas with certain features (such as their proximity to golf courses and suitability for large families) and to view multiple images of each property. Visitors can research villa resorts and easily uncover local sights and activities available in the different regions. As the user navigates deeper into the website, from destination through to resort, the search panel automatically populates the relevant criteria making an inventory search easier.

Behind the scenes, the content management system has been modified to include Villa specific information and an alternative Villa booking path has been created. Bespoke management tools have been built to allow Cosmos the ability to feature certain villas in prime onscreen locations and display time sensitive promotional messages.

In coherence with the rest of the website’s design, the focus is on stunning photography and the colourful, uniform graphics and icons that run through the site, all making for an enhanced user experience that will undoubtedly whet the visitor’s appetite for a getaway.

By adding this Villa section and increasing the options available to visitors, without inhibiting the usability of the website, we are furthering our commitment to our original objective; to increase the number of bookings made online.

There will be more developments made to the Cosmos Holidays website very soon – we’ll keep you posted!

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