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Villa Videos Added To The Cosmos Holidays Website

Last year, Digital Marmalade added a series of destination and hotel videos to the Cosmos Holidays website. These videos were hugely successful - Cosmos saw an increase of more than a 200% on conversions for holidays with hotel videos! As a result, we were asked to create a similar video function for the newly rebranded Monarch Holidays / Cosmos website.

The marketing team at Cosmos / Monarch commissioned bespoke videos for all of the villas available on the website. The project started with videos for Portugal, Minorca and Majorca, with more destinations being rolled out next year.

The team of photographers that supply all of the photographs for the Monarch sites filmed the villas, and provided us with the footage. Once we had the tapes in the Digital Marmalade studios, we added music and converted them into web format. The decision was made that the villa videos, like the destination and hotel videos, should be in Flash. This is because 95% of home computers have Flash, so the visitor is more likely to be able to view them without downloading any plug-ins.

The villa videos are now live on the website. They can be accessed  in the usual ways - the user can either find them through their research path, or in a separate area of the website which is dedicated to villa holidays videos.

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