We all need a friend! Enter… OLLEE

Parent Zone had an idea.

To create a virtual friend for children 8-11 years old to help foster meaningful conversations around complex topics by providing a simple, visual framework providing structure to discuss feeling and provide relevant advice about various day to day situations.

The increased anxiety / mental health concerns caused by the effects of COVID lockdown have increased the importance of such a digital bridge between children and their parents/teachers.
Parentzone approached Digital Marmalade to help create, develop and bring a fully inclusive, engaging Ollee to life - something we love to do.

Together with Parentzone insight, customer feedback and our creativity - Ollee was born!
From there, we needed to develop the mechanic to deliver Ollee right to those that need it, when they need it, so we agreed to develop an App (PWA).

The key focus was to help parents and children connect through asking about emotions (positive and negative) and then providing helpful advice about that specific issue. We understood the opportunity - to develop something meaningful that will help families in so many ways - and that fed into many of the decisions made during the build.

“DM successfully created a platform that all ages can navigate with ease – but just as importantly, they made it fun for its younger users. We are thrilled with the designs. Ollee looks like a friend and the colours and graphics are engaging, positive and reassuring. The customisation feature works brilliantly and has been a big hit"
Vicki Shotbolt, CEO at Parent Zone
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