We have launched a new PUB! (only the website actually)

One of our recent projects included a group of Restaurants and Pubs!

We only developed their new website for them, so, unfortunately, there won't be any free beer.

It was a pretty exciting project for many reasons. Still, the main one was capturing our client needs and giving them the tools to manage the content and show the content practically and helpfully to their customers.

We approach every new project with the perspective that every client is unique and their needs are also unique. And this was the case with Guy's Thatched Hamlet website.

The challenging portion of this project was designing and developing a CMS that would efficiently allow our client to manage the site's entire content. And when you consider different venues with different menus, this was not an easy task. But we did it!

“I needed a new website which could be updated regularly by ourselves, adding events and changing menus regularly by people with no knowledge of coding. Building a website for a business with three different venues, hosting multiple events and offering nine menus takes some doing, and Digital Marmalade stepped up to the mark. After the initial meeting, Jeremy and Simone took charge of the design for the site along with Tony. As the site build came together there were regular updates and opportunities to adjust and amend how the site presented and was navigated, nothing was too much. In all, the Digital Marmalade team provided a professional service from start to finish.”
Kirk, Owner at Guy's Thatched Hamlet

Since our client manage a group of restaurants, pubs and a small hotel Digital Marmalade wanted to design a website that would show menus, rooms and venue hiring enticingly.

The CMS has been designed with this flexibility in mind to allow our client to manage different types of offers.

A bespoke module manages menus in the CMS. Without any technical knowledge, our client can add new menus, edit existing ones, and remove the ones that are no longer needed.

It was also a requirement to manage different room types for the hotel with the relevant gallery to show images of the rooms and the features of each room type.

There are also venues for hiring that needed to be added, edited and removed from the site if and when necessary.

The CMS that we have developed take care of all this.

Our client was thrilled with the project output as this has streamlined their content management and gave them a great website to showcase their business.

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