Digital Marmalade Showreel

Our showreel gives a snapshot of just some of the work we've completed over the years. Motion graphics, character animation, 3D animation and live action video are all bundled into this moving minute of Marmalade!

Kneip New Dawn Introduction Video

In the pursuit of transforming the financial services industry to better serve investors, asset managers, banks and insurers, Kneip have launched a new single layered platform with a 3D intro video. The video titled The Dawn of a New Era takes you on a 25 year journey of technology up to the present day. Showcasing 3D animation to build the Kneip brand, ending on the Dawning of a new era.

Sport Passport Web Application Demo

Using a combination of 3D, motion graphics and voice-over this product demo brings to life a vast digital platform. Sport Passport is a multi-sport learning platform with a dazzling degree of complexity and functionality, so careful planning was required to communicate the concept in a video. We started by working through the interwoven user journeys and mapping the best way to seamlessly move from one to the next. Next we created a script and refined it until we had an economical two minute voiceover. Taking photoshop designs, screen shots and video captures we stitched together the final piece in After Effects . It's an extremely effective way to explain a complicated beast!

International Paper EMEA Awards

This stylish and atmospheric 60 second promo was used to open an award ceremony for a long-standing client. Working closely with the client, we extracted a clear brief for the piece which included details such as tone, style, music and audience. From there we worked up a mood board, gathering various examples to narrow down the approach. Next a storyboard was worked up, by rendering key frames from the animation - this approach enabled us to work within a tight time-frame and budget. The last step brings the whole piece to life - elegant animation and finishing touches such as optical flares and subtle color correction.

Fusion Lifestyle - Intencity Promo

Capturing the ferocious workout you should expect from an INTENCITY! class, this video is dark and energetic. Digital Marmalade took the client brief and ran with it, to plan out an afternoon's shoot at the flagship North London gym. It was a tight shoot as there was only time available on location between morning and evening classes, so we pulled out all the stops and in just four hours captured the full range of exercises. On a modest budget, with a tight time-frame, we worked hard and fast utilising a lean crew and guerrilla style lighting set-ups. Finished off with some creative post-production, the final piece really hit the spot!

1.8 Million Words

'A picture paints a thousand words', motion graphics takes this idea to a new level. Sometimes we like to create something just for fun, and this video is a perfect example of Digital Marmalade at play. Recognising the huge influence of video on the web, we decided to pull together our own 'moving infographic' and at the same time flex our design and motion graphics muscles. Enjoy!

ISS Landscaping Promo

60 second comic book introduction video for the ISS Landscaping annual conference, helping the company look to the future. Digital Marmalade produce a video every year for the ISS Landscaping Conference. The piece is used to open proceedings with a bang, and this year was really explosive with a superhero themed video. We used dynamic animation and a dramatic soundtrack to deliver a high-impact result.

International Paper Sustainability Animation

Character animation is the perfect way to deliver certain messages, as "The Treeble Effect" demonstrates. The Communications Director for International Paper EMEA was looking for an effective way to explain the company's initiative for sustainability - which is, simply put, planting three trees for every tree farmed. After developing a list of potential ideas, a story-line was picked and converted into a storyboard. Key frames from this storyboard were then art-worked and once approved the animation began. After just a couple of weeks of production the final cartoon was ready to be rolled out across websites, intranets and presentations.

Cosmos Holidays Sting

Utilising 3D animation and motion graphics, this elegant sting will be used at the end of every video produced by Cosmos, inspiring viewers to book one of their package holidays.

Eurex Exchange TV Commercial

Bold typography & graphics are key to the success of this advert for Eurex, one of the world's leading derivative exchanges.

The Share Centre TV Commercial

A great example of how motion graphics can make the most of simple brand assets to create an engaging advert.

Salute Recruit Software Demo

An example of how video can be used to showcase web projects and demo complex web applications.

Forex Trading TV Commercial

This advert makes clever and cost-effective use of motion graphics as an alternative to live action.

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