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Digital Marmalade - Application Development

Over the past twenty five years we've seen everything 'go digital', from watches to music to friends! We've also seen how companies have embraced technology and how the focus of business is increasingly turning to the digital market place. Nowadays, it is not unusual for a small team of people to successfully run large, purely online enterprises that turnover millions of pounds.

It is one thing coming up with a fantastic idea, but it's another to successfully develop, deliver and maintain an online business. That's where we come into the picture; Digital Marmalade combine our web design and application development skills with our tried and tested project management processes to ensure that we turn your ideas into web solutions beyond your expectations.

Application development can be complex, time consuming and costly, so picking the right software developers is essential. Digital Marmalade has a 15 year proven track record in delivering successful digital projects for clients large and small across many industries. We're a tight, agile team of planners, designers and developers and we don't outsource to foreign companies - everything is done in house...go Team GB!

Take a look at our Digital Consultancy section to find out more about how we approach planning and building cost-effective business applications.

Every project is different and we're happy to assist in any way, whether that be conceptualisation during the initial planning phase, screen designs/proto-types, project management, full or partial programming, supporting your own in-house IT departments, or running the entire process ourselves - from concept right through to deployment and beyond.

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We were very impressed with Digital Marmalade's proven ability, confidence and experience. They were quick to recognise the unique challenges we were experiencing, the approach we needed and have delivered really good work. They have created a proactive environment and are ready to challenge our thinking, which is really important to ensure we deliver the best experience for our users. It's a great team and it is obvious they love what they do and want to see their clients succeed.

Tom Webb, Product Architect, NetNames

Advanced Features

We're deploying websites with more and more advanced features for our clients, including:

  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Ecommerce, and financial reporting
  • Multi-lingual, multi-currency variants
  • User registration and membership features
  • Directory listings and advanced search
  • Data capture, segmentation and trend reporting
  • User content - forums, comments, blogs - with moderation
  • Social media integration
  • Partner and third party application integration
  • Mash-ups - web service API integration
  • Affiliate and white label solutions
  • Intranet and extranet knowledge management solutions
  • Reservation, bookings and appointment tools
  • Website user analytics & tracking
  • CRM and eMarketing communication systems

mobile app developers

Digital Marmalade - Mobile App Developers

And we're not limited to just web applications, we're mobile app developers too.

Our services include:

  • Website app development
  • Desktop app development
  • iPhone app development
  • iPad app development
  • Android app development

The Marmalade Suite

The Marmalade Suite

We started designing and developing websites in 1997 and as our customers' requirements got more and more sophisticated we soon saw the need to develop a suite of web tools that allowed us to develop robust, rich media applications and at the same time gave our clients powerful tools to manage their sites and email campaigns.

The Marmalade Suite comprises of the following web tool kit.


Marmalade Suite - Website Content Management

A powerful and easy to use website content management system with specialised modules for deploying common web functions (news, team, videos, members etc.). The CMS integrates with the popular social media sites and our preferred ecommerce platform - Magento. Our SEO module allows for intuitive in page search engine optimisation.


Marmalade Suite - Developer Framework

The development framework separates the design and programming functions from the web content. It provides a robust and scalable environment for the dev and design teams to create complex functionality and designs for web and mobile platforms. A user permissions module ensures that these tools are only available to the right people within an organisation.

Email Campaign

Marmalade Suite - Email Campaign Manager

This great tool allows companies to easily create beautiful, on-brand email campaigns using a series of multimedia 'building blocks'. The generated emails seamlessly link into Campaign Monitor where they are automatically emailed to your preferred mailing lists. Powerful reporting allows you track your campaign in real time. The reports include when and how many times your campaigns are opened, if they are forwarded on or shared on Facebook and Twitter and how many are bounced back.

Web Domain

Marmalade Suite - Web Domain Manager

This is a specialised tool that is useful for companies that own hundreds of domain names across the globe. It manages domain name subscriptions, checks the intellectual property of the names, has functions for generating multiple domain names using a key word spinner, checks availability and enables the purchase. The Domain Manager also plots owned domain names onto global map, which combined with a powerful filtering systems and colour coding gives an instant picture of world domain coverage.

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