Video & motion graphics

Words alone won't get people's attention...

We're sure you'll have heard the phrase about 'a picture paints a thousand words' well, motion graphics takes this idea to a new level.

You have a great story to tell but know words alone won't get people's attention. Maybe you have a complex issue to explain, need to make information more accessible or want to inspire customers. Better still, you simply want to create high impact with an audiovisual extravaganza!

We're here to help and will work with you from initial concept and storyboarding through to filming and production. We have a wealth of experience in 'broadcasting' video through the web; corporate intranet or directly to your retail outlet or office.

If you have a video project, large or small, we would love to hear from you, so please drop us a line.

Enterprise Communication

Enterprise Communications

With the ever declining state of the global economy, communication within companies is more important than ever. Video is a powerful and cost effective method for consistent communications with staff across the globe. It is an ideal way to bring leaders and experts directly to the staff. Working with International Paper, the global leader in paper and packaging products, we have developed and deployed a trans-global video broadcasting platform that sits on its intranet. The benefits include low production costs, multi-language subtitles and an intuitive content management system for downloading associated printed materials.

In Store Television

In Store Television

As citizens of a capitalist world, we've all spent most of our lives as the targets of sophisticated video marketing and advertising campaigns. Technological advances mean video is everywhere; in offices, airports, gyms, the Tube and increasingly in retail environments. We've successfully set up and run the production of many 'in-store' channels including Blockbuster Entertainment, Filmnight and Patientline. It's not just in the real world where video has an influence on our shopping habits - according to Internet Retailer, consumers who watch product videos online are 85% more likely to buy products compared to those who do not watch.


Conference Videos

We all like a good conference or seminar. It's a chance to get out of the office, a chance to discuss your industry's hot topics with your peers, and a chance to work up a healthy bar bill on the company credit card! Sometimes though, we just can't make them due to other commitments. Stellent, a leading provider of knowledge management solutions approached Digital Marmalade for a solution whereby interested parties could 'attend' the events remotely. The web based application we provided allows the user to navigate through the conference agenda and select topics of interest. They can then watch streaming videos of the presentation while synchronised slide graphics and user notes are displayed. It is an elegant solution which can easily be repurposed for digital communications, training or knowledge management.

We believe the new channel adds an extra touch of magic to every visit. The interactive elements allow us to be more dynamic with our programming: day-part marketing, regional variations and store-zone broadcasting plus so much more. Well done all the team, we're delighted!

Tim Fairs, Communications Director, Blockbuster

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